Okay Ladies....Let's Get That Skin Right!  This pandemic had me craving routine and structure; skincare was where I found it. And some days, it has been the only ME time. Who's with me?  My advice is to start slow and keep in mind that I added to this over the course of a few months.
CLEANSE- I never miss a Lumi. Ever. I start my day with it and I use it before bed.  This one product has single handedly changed my skin.  If you only choose one item to start your routine, let it be this.  The Lumi comes with a skin type specific cleanser (normal/combo, dry, sensitive, acne prone, and oily).  I use the acne cleanser and find it to be very mild and non drying.  When in between skin types, I always suggest the sensitive cleanser.  
TREAT- On days that I exercise or wear a hat I always use a glycolic wipe. I apply all over my face, neck, chest and back.  This will keep any pesky break outs to a minimum.  I also use a brightening under eye cream.  Currently I am loving the Neocutis Cream.
MOISTURIZE- Always follow up a Lumi session with an oil free moisturizer.  Here is the moisturizer I use Thirst Fix, it is light weight and bioadaptive.
ADD ONS- When you're ready to add to this routine I highly recommend the Day Dream SPF for daily use.  When using the SPF there is no need to also use a moisturizer.
CLEANSE- What I look forward to the most....that fresh face before bed.  Always Lumi before bed, always.  This will prevent all the germs, bacteria, sweat, and make-up that we failed to get off, from seeping into our pores and wreaking havoc. 
TREAT- Neocutis cream for under the eyes and currently loving the Grande Lash Serum to get those lashes healthy and strong.  Don't forget the brows, might as well grow those too. 
I also implement these Peel Pads for a once a week mild exfoliation, and I suggest cutting them in half to expand the duration of them.  Lastly, when your skin could use a detox from environmental toxins and a pore diminishing treatment I always go with the Glacial Mud Mask.  
MOISTURIZE- Finish your night off with your moisturizer. 
The Tinkle....deserving of its own tutorial for self dermaplaning
Lastly, if you are struggling with acne, whether it be adult acne or hormonal pre-teen, I urge you to consult with a dermatologist.  I currently take 100mg of Spironolactone, prescribed from my derm to keep my break outs to almost non-existent. I'm here for me, message me....let's get this right!
Sunday- TINKLE (Lumi - Tinkle- Moisturize)
Monday- PEEL PAD (Lumi- Peel Pad (don't wash face after)- Moisturizer
Tuesday- NORMAL REGIMEN (Lumi-Moisturizer)
Wednesday- NORMAL REGIMEN (Lumi- Moisturizer
Thursday- GLACIAL MUD/PORE DETOX (Lumi- Mud-Moisturizer)
*Work your way up to 2-3 times a week with the peel pads
*when using other treatments (face lift mask,etc) replace the mud mask with that treatment for the week
This is the difference that ONE year can make! 
One day or Day one- You decide